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BabalonBOOKS is a worldwide publisher and distributor of fine books. We ship and fulfill in US, Canada, the UK, continental Europe, Australia and New Zealand. Our distribution partners include:
BabalonBOOKS also provides marketing and distribution services to small presses, independent publishing houses and self-publishing authors. Please contact us here if you are interested in being distributed by BabalonBOOKS. We will be glad to represent you.
BabalonBOOKS also runs and curates various sites and communities in the self-publishing world. To find out more, please go to  for self-publishing services and for self-publishing information and blogging.


If you are a bookstore or retailer and would like to know more about distribution, please contact:
If you are a publisher or would like to know more about representation, please contact:
If you are an author and would like to know more about publishing, please contact:

For other inquiries or more information, please write us at: or call us at 1877-787-1370.