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A copyright page like an ISBN will only be necessary if you intend to distribute or market your book. If your book is for personal use only or to give out as gifts, then you won't need to register the book with the relevant authorities or have us do it for you.

The copyright page is usually on the back of the title page, and contains the copyright statement, library cataloguing information, credits for photography, design, page layout, and printing, as well as contact information for the publisher and distributor.

The Copyright Statement
In Canada, to register a copyright you print a copyright statement inside the book. This copyright will be recognized in many countries. The copyright statement includes the copyright symbol (©) followed by the year and the name of the holder of the copyright (usually the author). For more information go to the Canadian Copyright Act.

In the United States you can register a copyright by going to the U.S. Copyright Office.

The copyright statement usually goes on the reverse side of the title page.

An ISBN will only be necessary if you intend to distribute or market your book. If your book is for personal use only or to give out as gifts, then you can register the book with the relevant authorities or have us to do it for you.

ISBN (International Standard Book Number) is a unique identification number that is used by libraries and booksellers the world over to order your book or get distribution information on it. Once again, you will only need an ISBN if you intend to market your book

To get an ISBN you need to apply to the ISBN agency in your country. In Canada, go to the National Library. In the United States go to

It is easy to do so, but if you like, once more: we can do it for you! To learn more about our marketing services please click here.

New account set-up requires that you order at least 15 copies on your first print run. After your account is set up, you will be able to order as many or as little copies as you like.

If you decide to market your title with us, then we will register your title with the proper authorities on your behalf. 

BabalonBOOKS pays out royalties once a year on copies sold through its distribution partners. Authors with large volume sales may request to have payments sent every month. See our Sales & Marketing Services to see how royalties on sales are calculated.

That's our specialty (besides creating awesome books).

Yes. We supply you with the books ..... you can opt for marketing and sales services if and whenever you like. Marketing and Distributions services are revised yearly from your date of signing.

Copyright remains with the author(s) of the book. 

Order fulfillment and book delivery are made 1-2 weeks once the order is placed. Your customers should get the book no longer than 2 weeks after they place their order.

No. Authors or publishers can provide their own logos. If they do not, then the BabalonBOOKS logo will be affixed to the bottom of the spine. No one will know that your book has been self-published.



BabalonBOOKS offers a suite of services for authors and independent publishers. Our suite of services fall into a number of categories: 

PRINT / We offer on-demand printing services for authors and publishers. There is no minimum and no maximum order quantities once the account is set up. Authors can order 1 or 1000 books at a time. 

SALES / We offer on demand sales fulfillment on orders placed online, through our distributors, direct customers or bookstores.

MARKETING / We offer a wide range of marketing services for authors and publishers: press releases, advertising, author website, promotions,etc.

DISTRIBUTION / BabalonBOOKS is able to fulfill orders worldwide. With our wide range of geographically dispersed distributors, we are also able to print and stock both sides of the Atlantic.

DESIGN / BabalonBOOKS graphic and book designers can professionally craft the look and feel of your book for you. 

Please contact your BabalonBOOKS Sales Representative for more information. 

BabalonBOOKS was created to assist publishers and authors reach their publishing goals. We provide editing, design, printing, distribution and fulfillment services like publishers do; but our authors or publishing customers maintain all rights to their titles and keep the profits from the sale (not just a royalty). 

BabalonBOOKS specializes not only in on-demand printing, but in all the author/publisher support roles. This means that we do alot more than just "manufacture" the book. We can help with design, editing, marketing, distribution, promotion and fulfillment services. See our brochure for more information.

On demand printing means that you are able to order / print titles as often as you like and for any quantity you deem fit (e.g. one copy). This means that you don't have to print copies unless you absolutely need to, and you can do it, sale by sale. Titles can be printed one book at a time to meet the exact demands of the market or in bulk quantities to take advantage of volume of sale discounts. We also provide short-run and galley printing. We can also fulfill (i.e. ship) directly to your customers. 

The advantages BabalonBOOKS brings to publishers are many. We can provide editing, design, sales fulfillment, marketing and distribution support services. Through print-on-demand and ebook services we can fulfill and deliver on customer sales. Publishers that avail themselves of our print on demand services, sells more books through our wide distribution channels, reduce their investment in printing, eliminate (or reduce) warehousing inventory, and don't need to handle customer ordering and returns. In the beginning, publishers were using us more for their books' end of life cycle--after the initial on-rush of sales have stabilized and the book has been on the market for some time. Today, we find publishers are launching titles with our inventory and so mitigating risk. BabalonBOOKS's e-book and print on demand fulfillment services gives publishers a quick and effective means to market.