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Authors often require help promoting their books. Here’s where we come in. We can help authors not only promote those titles they have printed or distributed through us, but we can also help promote their personalities, and their entire portfolio of works. Some of the services we can provide include: press releases, author websites, social media (facebook, twitter, blogger) links, submissions to book reviewers and critics, video and ad campaign development... and more!


You want to create ‘hype’ and ‘buzz’ about your book. You want to let people know what’s special about your book. Those who opt for our promotion services get a personalized, catered service. Each book is unique and so it’s marketing and promotional strategy will also be unique.

Here’s how we can help:

- Press Releases
- Author websites,
- Book websites,
- Blog creation and maintenance
- Social account link ups (Facebook, Twitter, et al),
- Media generation and broadcasting.
- Video and audio presentations and editing
- Video adverts
- Online advertisements
- … and more. Just ask us!